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Our Wall of Love & Blessings.....

My wife is healthier & is recovering from her health issue

My wife used to get hiccup attacks. The doctors said that there could be inflammation in her esophagus and suggested to get her operated. However the doctors also said that the success rate of the operation was very low. Because of this, we did not want to take any risk and were searching for any other way to come out of this. My friend suggested to talk to Praveen and seek his opinion and guidance. Since Praveen's approach is holistic and natural, we were happy to give it a try. My wife followed all the lifestyle guidance including the food and water and she also joined the exercise and meditation wellness sessions. Gradually after a couple of months we could see the results. Her hiccups have reduced and she has also overcome her stress and anxiety caused by her health condition. Now she is much healthier and is also recovering from her health issue. Praveen has given us a ray of hope and we are deeply grateful to him.

N Shukla, 52


I regained my strength & energy post COVID treatment

I was infected with Covid in the past year and I had undergone the treatment for the same in a hospital. After I returned home, I had severe weakness and breathlessness and I was also experiencing blackouts and minor chest pain. I consulted Praveen for his guidance to help me regain my strength and energy. He crafted a routine with included some breathing exercises, food and water guidance and some natural supplements to support my immunity. My minor chest pain disappeared in a couple of days and in a weeks time I could actually feel my energy start to return which I thought I had almost lost. Slowly and steadily, my weakness and my breathlessness was all gone and in fact with the food routine I felt even more energetic, healthy & positive. I never knew that food can impact your health so deeply. I am truly grateful to Praveen for his genuine guidance and helping me experience a renewed me.

BK Mishra

Founder & Owner, Comfort4U


Tatva Shudhi is the answer to attain a safe, healthy and longer life

This is to laud/applaud and recommend Praveen Divakar, and his services by Tatva Shudhi. Excellent results if one follows it to the "T". We have been taking Praveen's advice for a month now and the benefit on mind soul and body is amazingly fructifying. It is surprising how a little tweaking from a professional gives you amazing self satisfying results. Praveen's commitment is contagious.


In today's uncertain and stressful lifestyle, Tatva Shudhi is the answer to attain a safe, healthy and longer life. Wishing him all the best to keep making a difference to many more individuals.



Heena Masand

ICBI Training Solutions

Vadodara & Surat

 We have never felt so better & energetic before this

 I had consulted Praveen for nutrition and wellness guidance for myself and my family. His knowledge in the subject is commendable. His guidance and contribution for making simple and small changes in our daily eating habits have made a huge difference. We have never felt so better and energetic before this. Also his genuine simplicity and humility is very inspiring. I am grateful to have him in our life.

Chetan Khanna

MD, MS Hydro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


The Wellness Sessions have been a life altering Experience

I have always been skeptical in pursuing meditation as a habit but was keen in making it a part of my daily ritual. As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and viola, Praveen enters my life. His frank and warm nature won my trust and I joined the meditation sessions. The sessions have been a life altering experience.The benefits have been numerous, but all I can say is that the sessions are rejuvenating, relaxing, soothing and even fun. I have become more calm, focused and have gained a renewed perspective towards life. If you are in search of physical, mental or emotional health, these sessions could be your answer. I would just like to thank Praveen for his support as a friend and guide and wish him all the best.

N Bhatia


The Meditation Sessions have helped us gain more clarity & energy

My husband and myself learnt meditation and mantra chanting with Praveen. Slowly but surely, life started becoming clutter free and much sorted. The meditation sessions have helped us gain more clarity and energy. His knowledge about the subject is vast and has answers to many issues and questions. His therapies are a must for anyone seeking balance in life.

Mansi Thakkar

Graphologist & Healer


Nourish to Flourish.

Take Care of Your Body. It's Your Home!

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