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Your Mental Health is a Priority; Your Happiness is an Essential;

Your Self-Care is a Necessity


Beej Mantras are Frequencies that can Heal and Transcend. The Sanskrit word “Beej” means “seed”. Beej sounds are, therefore, simple sounds [having no inherent meaning] which are used, either alone or in conjunction with other beej sounds and mantras, to add power and draw in various types of energy.  Although simple sounds, they carry enormous cosmic energy with them. We introduce the individual/group to the various Beej Mantras and teach how to chant it and use it for the different aspects of their life. We also introduce Yantra meditation as per the ADVAIT philosophy.

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Stress and unhealthy eating habits have become an integral part of today's Corporate world.
To help people cope with such challenges; we conduct wellness workshops. These workshops are a combination of Breathing Techniques, Meditation & Nutrition Guidance which are designed as per the industry/corporate requirements. The exercises/techniques introduced will not only help increase their work efficiency but with daily practice they will also tend to be a more healthy and happy being in their personal life.

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Nutrition Workshops

We consult and educate individuals & corporates about Yogic Nutrition philosophy as per Naturopath and Ayurved. We also conduct Nutrition Workshops for parents. We educate about the Science of Food and simple vedic principles,  which if followed regularly will make the person fitter, healthier and happier.


Tai Chi & Qi Gong Workshops

Also known as "flowing meditation", Tai Chi & Qi Gong are simple exercises with coordinated deep breathing that can be performed by all age groups. These exercises consists of slow, beautiful and relaxed movements suitable for any fitness level including pregnant women and also makes out for a great workout. It develops a sense of Balance & Harmony between Mind, Body & Spirit. We conduct Tai Chi & Qi Gong Workshops for all.


Home and Office are the most important spaces. Pure, Serene and Positive energies brings in Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. We conduct special ancient rituals to cleanse your Home and Office space from the negative and destructive Energies and thus create space for Fresh positive Energies to enter your Home, Office and your Life.

Beach Yoga

We organize Wellness Retreats in natural serene places for individuals, groups and corporates. These retreats are a sure shot way to unwind and rejuvenate yourself. The Retreats are customized as per the clients requirement and would consist of combination of Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi & Qi Gong practices, and Satvic Nutrition.


Wellness Programs

Restore & Rejuvenate Yourself with our Wellness Programs

Nutrition & Lifestyle Guidance

4 Week Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation

12 Week Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation

4 consultancies

12 consultancies

USD 250

USD 600

(1 consultation per week)

(1 consultation per week)

Self Healing Meditation Sessions

Fusion of Beej Mantra Meditation and Breathwork

Personal Session (per person)

1 hour

USD 150

Corporate Wellness Session/Workshops

Fusion of Flowing Exercises and/or Nutrition 

Fusion of Flowing Exercises, Meditation and/or Nutrition

(Annual Plan - 52 weeks - 1 hour per week)

1 hour

starting from USD 500

52 hours

starting from USD 10,000

Home or Office Purification Session

Purification using Special Ancient Rituals

1 hour

starting from USD 500

Wellness Retreats

 starting from USD 1000

per person

*Taxes Extra as applicable

Let your Love for Self Blossom!

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today!

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